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Here at Kidspace International Educational Centre we strive to establish a platform for your child's success by "learning through play".

Our hand-picked team of highly qualified staff will ensure your child receives care, resources, and education at an international standard.


Head Teacher 

I am Kyla Kin, Head Teacher and Director of Kidspace International Educational Centre. I have been teaching Early Years for 12 years and this area of a child's development is where my passion for teaching lies. 

We are currently developing a space where we encourage children to learn through play. Here we strive to establish an educational system through your child's interests and use this as a spring board to further develop their learning, skills, understanding, and knowledge. 

The areas of Kidspace have been well thought out to promote children's holistic development. We strive to nurture self-confidence and grow children to be forward and creative thinkers. We want them to expand on their opinions, enquire, and be independent while being mindful of themselves and others around them. 

We would like to welcome you and your child to be a part of our journey in building a community, by working together to establish a good foundation for your child to succeed in the challenges that they may face in their futures. 

Vision & Values

  • Integrity

  • Community

  • Diversity

  • Connectivity

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt


Our promise to our parents is to keep an open, honest channel of communication. We aim to establish and maintain strong morals and principals within children and in the way we teach. 
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