Kidspace Speech Therapy



Superflex is a curriculum developed by the Social Thinking team designed to support students with social learning challenges develop more self awareness, understand others perspectives, become flexible thinkers and learn how to problem solve. The super hero character, Superflex teaches kids  behaviours such as being a flexible thinker, acting in a way that keeps others feeling good, learning that there is more than one solution to a problem and being able to come up with a strategy to defeat an Unthinkable. The Unthinkables are behaviours that kids do which cause others' to have uncomfortable thoughts and feelings about them. Here are some examples:

Rock Brain - gets people stuck on their ideas or plans.

Glassman  - makes people have huge upset reactions to small problems.

Space Invader -  gets people to stand too close to people and move into peoples space because they are unaware of how close is too close.

There are lots more Unthinkables that we can use to help your child understand how their behaviours affect others thoughts and feelings and tons of really fun and helpful strategies to learn so that students can be better social thinkers.

Here's the link to a short video of Dr Pamela Crooke showing us how to use some of the Unthinkables resources.