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Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are in line with our commitment to provide affordable education at international standards.​

Fees Include:

  • Stationary/resources

Children Between 18 months and 6 years of age

Amount Fee

Our fees are on a monthly basis.

Euros 140 p/m

(Half day 08:00-12:00)

Euros 240 p/m 

(Full day 08:00-16:00)


(Siblings receive 10% discount)

Additional Cost

Catering (Option 1)

We have contracted a catering company to provide breakfast and lunch.


Healthy food options

The food provided is guaranteed to be healthy and filling for your child.

Girl Picking Apple

Seasonal Food

A menu is created monthly and shared with parents, in order for you to know what your child eats each day. 

It is a seasonal menu and changes accordingly. 



It is 3.20 Euros per day for two meals. 

Each month varies according to how many educational days there are in a month. This is calculated and added to tuition fees each month. 

Self-catering (Option 2)

If you feel more comfortable catering for your own child this is also an option. 

Breakfast, lunch, and a snack will need to be provided. 

We have facilities to store food and we are able to heat up food if necessary on our premises. 

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